Tiled Strategy Game System. How would I go about making one?

Greetings strangers. I got a question on how I would go about creating a 3D tiled game map…I don’t really get what should I use and how. Should I create 3D tile models of the same size and then script a random generating system in blueprints for them to be placed randomly? Or should I use a different approach?

For Instance: Civilization 5 have a tiled system to which I want mine to be similar to but I don’t really think that it will work with just some tile meshes? Could you explain on how correctly to do one like this?

Thanks in advance, I know you might tell me to first try something easier and then start more complex projects but I did try easier things and did many easier projects, not really finished of course :wink: And if you got a link of something for a good tutorial on how to create what I am asking for I will be really grateful.