Tiled Map crashes when I load a certain tile

I have a problem, I’ve been working on a tiled landscape for months and suddenly the level crashes when I load a certain tile. It gets to about 74% and crashes the engine every time. I can open the tile on it’s own (outside of the persistent level) and the persistent level opens up fine but as soon as I load that level from the titled levels box it crashes.

I restored a few backups and auto saves but those also crash. I’ve got tons of time into these levels so I’d really like to figure out how to salvage this, any help would be much appreciated.

I’ve attached the dump and logs files.
The persistent level is named: mvpLevel_Kernal
tiled map is named: output_WM_take3_x0_y0

in advance.

something to add…

I noticed that there are a few splines that I cannot select which seems bad. I pull up the spline tool but there are no control points that are selectable nor are the segments selectable. I have a feeling this is my problem but I cannot delete the messed up splines.

Hi Ed,

Sorry for the late reply. so much for the offer, I will definitely take you up on it. I’ll prep the file and shoot you a PM when I’ve sent it.


Ed, I just sent a link to the file. Even with stuff stripped out it came to 2gb zipped so I shared it via google drive. Below is a link to the file. Please let me know if you have any issues and again!

[Edit] Link removed for user privacy. It has been received by Epic Staff.

Hi Kernal,

So after testing for a bit I have confirmed that the crash is caused by your landscape. More specifically I think the splines that are no longer editable are to blame. I found no way to get rid of them other than removing the landscape entirely. Do you have any idea what you did to cause the spline mesh to become this way?

I was able to load in the tiled maps just fine after removing your landscape and I also tested with a blank landscape and that worked fine as well. Unfortunately, I can’t put in a JIRA if we have no idea what caused the scenario and if it can’t be reproduced. So the only solution I can offer is to delete your landscape and make a new one. That is way better than remaking the map entirely.

As an alternative, you can export your landscape as an fbx and then reimport it/ bake a height map from it etc… That isn’t guaranteed to work though but worth a try.

Good luck with your future developments.


That’s very unfortunate. That specific spline has been part of the map for many months and I have no no idea what would make it suddenly invalid. I wish I knew exactly what happened as it’s alarming that the now invalid spline has corrupted my terrain beyond repair.

for looking into it. Not sure how I’ll proceed but for your suggestions.