Tiled Landscapes without World Machine

Is there a way I can make tiled landscapes for bigger open worlds without world machine?

World Creator?

I mean in general just having the images for each tile by themselves already. I took a heightmap and made it into pieces for it but I can’t figure out how to put them together for the engine. I tried naming them TName_X1_Y1 but the import button winds up greyed out.

I already took the heightmaps of each area and made them their own images but the import button is still greyed out and not clickable. What do I need to do besides just have the heightmap images?

Yes! You can create your own tiled landscapes with World Composition without importing a tiled landscape. All you need to do is create a landscape level with the tile size you want, right click the landscape level in the World Composition window, select “Add Adjacent Landscape Level” and choose which direction you want to add to.

Here’s a livestream Epic did showing it off with a timestamp at the part where they talk about it.

The images has to be saved also with R16 (RAW 16bits) format to work when importing them, besides the naming convention for each file.

What all do I have to do to ensure they work right in R16 format? I have the terrain images I guess I just need to figure out how to convert them then?

I did some research and it will work if the image is grayscale PNG. Other formats won’t work, just png and r16.

Ok. But I don’t think it imports right, they have to be 1003pixels both sides?

Use bottom of this page as reference to the recommended sizes:

In your case is 1009 x 1009 or won’t do it properly.

I just covered a method for creating large tiled maps in world composition without world machine in this thread…short-tutorial