Tiled Landscape - various isues

Hi, we’ve been having a real headache getting tiled landscapes to work correctly, or at all.

The first issue is an editor bug in both 4.6.1 and 4.7 where we get a message saying it is unable to save a file, at the end of the import process we get "unable to save “” ".

The second issue is that we have a terrain we’ve made which uses real color data, and would like to import a texture which covers each terrain tile, however we have not been able to get it to import and the terrain just shows the default tile texture, with the corner being black.

The third issue is that there’s a wierd fog rendering glitch which is not present in 4.4, but is in 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7

Finally the fourth issue is we have a splat map we’d be using for near view distance which uses the RGBA format, however we can’t get this to work and just get a black terrain.

We’re not sure what’s going on and believe we’ve ran into several faults with the editor as we’ve gone through the documentation with little to no success.

  1. make sure that you save your file into the content folder of your project
  2. could you post a picture of how it looks like? Normally when you use one large texture you will have to scale it up with a texture coord/landscape coord
  3. a picture would be helpful :slight_smile:
  4. take a look at the grass material from the starter content. There you can see how to create a distance based material

Make sure that you have created a landscape layer (the little + in the landscape tool) + post a picture of your material setup