Tiled landscape unloading levels

Hey all,

I have tried to read up on this but can’t find a definitive way of doing it, or even find out if it’s intentional behaviour?

I import a World Machine tiled landscape into the editor (I’ve done 4x4km, 8x8km and larger ones too) and each ‘tile’ is it’s own level as intended. I load them in and save everything but the next time I load the level in, the tiled landscape is all unloaded and I have to manually select all the tiles and load them. Is this intentional?

I am not sure at this point if it loses any data during this unload/load behaviour or if it simply unloads them for memory/rendering reasons by default, allowing us to choose which tiles to work on?

Can someone confirm or deny if this is the intended workflow and that little bit of manual toggling is just the price to pay for the flexibility we have? If it is intentional I’m surprised there is no way to override this and even perhaps select a ‘working set’ with the tiles/levels you want to load automatically on start of session or something so we don’t have to open the ‘Levels’ window, select them, click load and wait every time?