Tiled Landscape Resolution/Settings for World Machine

Hello everyone, I followed a tutorial (https://wiki.unrealengine/World_Machine_to_UE4_using_World_Composition#Terrain_in_UE4) to get my World Machine landscape into UE4, the problem is that this tutorial has me set my tiling to 4x4, and also a certain resolution, the problem is that I want to tile at least 8x8 for better view distance & performance. I’ve changed it to 8x8, and also played around with some resolution settings, but when I do a tiled build and try to import to UE4, it says that there is no landscape configuration found for my samples. What are the rules for tiling and resolutions for importing tiled landscapes?

Probably this doc page will lead you into the right direction: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/LevelStreaming/WorldBrowser/index.html#tiledlandscapeimport :slight_smile:

" each tile resolution should follow the recommendations from this page Creating Landscapes."