Tiled Landscape questions

hi guys,

i have imported some of my tiled landscapes (4x4). i have them separated as levels as the tutorial suggest and all works great.

couple of questions:

  • what would be the most efficient way to expand the region i have.
    i would need a bit more ground on the horizon or the sides.

  • can i somehow mirror the current tiles?
    i cannot seem to move any of the tiles, or copy them as regular actors.

  • is there a way to change the max height of the landscape after importing the heightmaps and layers?

generally i would really appreciate some link on managing massive regions and general workflow.

any help would be appreciated.


You can right click a terrain in the viewport, and under ‘transform’ you can set lock/unlock so you can move the terrains again, but this is not the correct method because it very difficult to line up the terrains.

You are supposed to be able to move the tiles in the ‘world composition’ window, where all the tiles should line up, and snap to each others edges. However, my tiles are all stuck together in one place, and move back to the center every time I move them, so I’m not sure how world composition works exactly.

Were you able to import the tiles correctly so that they are automatically arranged to create your landscape?