Tiled Landscape from WorldMachine : how to add an ocean?

Hi all,

I have a huge landscape (32kmx32km) made in World machine. (It’s an island so ocean/water should be all around it.).

I successfully imported the landscape as a tiled landscape (6x6 tiles) in UE4 and create a material for it.

Now I want to add an ocean/water around the lands and I have no idea on how to do that ?

I searched in the docs but tiled landscapes and world composition in general are poor documented at the moment…

Any help would be great!

EDIT : I’m using UE4.6.1

Epic will be releasing a new water pack so maybe that’s something you could use.

The announcement will be today (Thursday, January 21, 2015) on the Engine’s Twitch stream (Twitch)

Waow ! can’t wait to try that !

Pot shot! Did you end up figuring out the best solution for this?