Tiled import greyed out

I was using this tutorial:

to import a tiled terrain from Worldmachine into version 4.6. When I got to this:

the ‘import’ button was greyed out. My settings look exactly the same as on the picture, EXCEPT for my Import Configuration which says:
“Components: 0x0 Sections: 1x1 Quads: 63x63”

Any idea on what I might be doing wrong?

Edit: I tried in 4.7.1 too. No difference.


I had this problem when I enabled “Merge to single file” in the Tiled build option of WorldMachine. Uncheck it and generate one file per tile and then in UE select all tiles (in r16 format) worked for me.

Hope this helps


I unchecked it but it made no difference. Thankyou for answering though :slight_smile:

Make sure you name it tilename_x#_y#. For example: TEST_x0_y0