Tiled 3D mode - texture artifacts


I am testing a tiled 3d model and I am facing some issue with textures.

As you see in the attached picture they appear blank at a certain distance.

After zooming in, they look fine.

Any ideas?





Hi Andrea, is this also happening in RealityCapture? Where do you have opened this model? Is it also happening in some another 3D viewer?


can I see tiled 3d models in Reality Capture? I am not sure I can. If yes, how?

The “non tiled” mesh is too huge too be rendered and is drawn as a point cloud.

I will test in Cesium and let you know.




You can see a whole model. You just need to use Clipping box tool to select just a part of a model, which won’t have more than 40 mil tris. 

In Reality Capture the texture looks fine. I have done a test using CesiumJs loading the tileset from my computer (i.e not uploaded to cesium ion)

The behaviour is different but the problem is still there. See attached image (I will post more if needed).


There are some bugs with Cesium export, but I am not sure, if this could be related. Can you please try to export to another format and open in for example Blender, if this will be also there?

I have a simple GLTF running in the built-in Windows 3D Viewer with no texture problems.

If you prefer Blender I can try but I think It makes no difference.

Addional note:

I have tried to upload the tileset directly to cesium ion but it fails with this message:

"Something went wrong with this asset. To report this issue, please email support@cesium.com with the asset ID: 817954.

To help resolve this faster, include any relevant information about your data, such as what software you used to export it."



How big is your model (how many triangles)? Are you trying direct upload from RealityCapture to Cesium or do you first export a model and then upload it?

73 milions of triangles. Direct upload with the share button.

Using direct upload is used Cesium’s tiling method.
Although if you are interested in using your own Cesium Workshop server and our tiling method (this one is better for larger models, 20mil and more) then:

  1. Click the Export LoD button in the Export part of the RECONSTRUCTION tab
  2. In the file dialog, specify the file name and the desired file format
  3. Depending on the format, one of the dialogs, described below, will be displayed. Tweak the settings (use Cesium 3D Tiles format .json or other 3d formats) and click on the OK button to begin the export process.


Yes, I am using your LoD export in my application but there is the texture problem I have reported above.


Also after these export settings? Of course, you need to have set Export textures to True.

ok, I will try these settings. Even if 10% initial simplification is a bit aggressive