Tileable Material?

Hi, i´m new to Unreal Engine, so sorry for this Question. I have made two Modular Floor pieces, one 100x100 and one 300x300 and one Material. When i apply the Material to the pieces, the Material has a different Size. How can i get that Fix?
Thnx a lot…

A simple fix would be to create a material instance of your material where you scale the UV’s, and apply that instance to your bigger modular floor piece with the appropriate scale.

There’s also that other way to tile U or V separately; would be cool to drop a screenshot for that too.
I’m away from PC though.

Sorry, but i don´t find the “UV Scale” funktion at the Blueprint…

On the left they are four 100x100 Floorpieces and on the right one 300x300 Floorpiece with the same Material. How can i get the Material to the same Size by different Floorpieces?


That is not a function; check material editor tutoriais and docs.

Hi, after spending the Night watching Youtube i created the following Master Material. It works fine, but the Specular/Roughness Option changes the Settings for both Textures. Is there a way to do this for each Texture?