Tileability and snapping of my assets



I am having questions regarding how should I work out snapping on my medieval walls assets. I have created some basic ones, and kinda experimenting with them before I delve deeper into creating more and more.

But one video on youtube is confusinf me

  1. I use this video as rough example to creating my assets and pay attention, he is not snapping his assets to grid, he is arbitrarily putting them there, and he is merging two pieces on the edges in order to have ONE timber instead of two (like in my case). If I try doing that, I get screen flicekring issues due to overlapping and intersections of two meshes, and his meshes dont behave that way. I think its really awkward lookin when I snap my meshes, to have 2 timbers but I cannot get over this problem, the only thing I could imagine is getting the timbers frames OUT of that snaping box, or to manually snap them to make one timber but that still offsets me of the planned grid. I mean, how should I create those “framed modular assets” cuz that framing is killing the snapping.
    At the end of the day is snapping SO important after all for an arbitary showreel/portfolio stuff?

  2. In assets he uses, I read something about “hyper-modular” assets inside that pack, but didnt find anything online regarding hyper-modular assets. Looks like a fiction of creator or what.

  3. Additionally, look at the UVs and the pics I posted. I have created basic assets, horizontal, upward, and diagonal timber parts, plaster part and unwapped them, made High poly in zbrush and baked normals. I dont know if my normals look good, I got those black regions on the borders which are driving me nuts. How can I upgrade the looks of it, I see repeating on all of them, how can I get variation to them, quite rapidly someone will notice the patterns. I cannot get to work on more assets until I resolve these ones

Thanks in advance

You should watch this:
It is about fallout modular design, some good tips.
Also try houdini, it has free demo, for single man doing everything houdini is best saves a lot of time. I am learning it atm.

Thank you so much, I’ll have a look