Tile View Dynamic Inventroy / Add Thumbnail

Hy there,
I really wasn’t able to find any solution for this so here is my question for the community.

I have created a Tile View and add Items dynamically from my inventory Backpack. That all works fine but when I want to set it’s Thumbnail it doesn’t work for some reason.
I tried setting a thumbnail for the WB Itemslot and it works just fine, but as soon as it is in the Tile view I cannot set a Thumbnail.
The Item is also really in the slot, when I ask for the slots thumbnail it even gives me the right one but it doesn’t show it.
Sadly there are not much information about the Tile View out there, at least I wasn’t able to find some.

My -give Itemslot content- Function


​​​​​​​Thanks for the help guys!