Tile resolution in world machine - why not go with the heighest value?

I’m building a large map with world machine for my UE project, and I’ve been trying all kinds of tiled builds.
So, basically I settled on a 4x4 tile build which is meant to cover the maximum available map size.
Now, I have several options when I decide on my tiled build in WM:
I tried making every tile 2017x2017 (as described here) and then import it into UE with landscape scale of 256x256x400.
I also tried making each tile 4033x4033, and import it as 128x128x100.

So, my question is: what’s stopping me from going all the way to the 8129x8129 per tile, a maximum recommended? Is it purely the build time? Or, is there something else I should concern myself with?
Because the way I see it, higher res is better.

Please, share your thoughts

Performance is stopping you.
With lower tile size you can have more aggressive LOD transitions.

See, I’ve always wondered about that. Is there actually a performance difference one way or the other, having 4x 2017x2017 tiles vs 1x 4033x4033 tile? At what point do you actually want to go with a single, larger landscape instead of break it up into smaller chunks, especially with HLOD as an option?

Well the bigger issue is memory foot print requirements. Your dev box could be a 32 gig beast with a $1000 dollar video card with 16 gig vram but your clients in all probability will not have enough resources to even run the kite demo.

Performance is a balancing act between what you have as far as resources goes as compared to releasing your game into a market that may or may not have the same requirements as to how the game runs under controlled conditions.


Whats stopping you is this is a good starting point to figure out your own answer.

I figure that games development is about 90% resource management to ensure a balance between game play that meets the demands of today’s video game players. More so if your asking $60 bucks for your game.

If there is any, I expect it to be minimal. The gain comes from replacing distant landscape tiles with low resolution meshes.
As mentioned, there is also a memory footprint in question.

Probably if your total number of tiles ends up being low.

What do you men by Performance
? specify your meaning? Are you saying lack of a better cpu stops u from accessing the area,lol?