Tile based movement

I believe my project is basic in theory. I have a series of floor tiles representing areas in space, then I have a cube above that represents a spaceship.
The goal is to hover over a tile and it highlights (this is done), but then I need to click on a tile to move the spaceship there.

I’m having problems in two areas:

  1. If I place all the tiles individually, the spaceship can only interact with one of them - The default instance applied (unless you manually add instances for each one)
  2. If I use an array of tiles, when you hover/interact with one, they all get highlighted and act as one.

I’ve attached images of the project so far with the Blueprints for tile and spaceship.

What would be the most appropriate way to set up this project?

Anyadvice or feedback is greatly appreaciated.

Check this livestream out. You should also download the project from the learn tab.