Til Nord: A Free Open World Snowmobile Game by BUAS students

Hey Unreal Forums,

Moose Attack Studios here to showcase our game created with UE4 and megascans!

The Early Acess is available on Steam for free: Link to Til Nord On Steam

We also have an active Discord community server you can join here!

Til Nord is a free open-world snowmobile driving game developed by 17 IGAD students as part of the year three project of 2020-2021. Six months have been spent developing the title, and the project is currently entering its final phase, with a full release in the pipelines soon.

in Til Nord, you will be traversing a beautiful snowy island known as Snøfall øyer, reminiscent of the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Using their snowmobile, players can drive all over the huge map, finding missions, time trials and collectables in the form of destructible snowmen.

Building the large scale open world was a huge challenge, but thanks to the assets provided by megascans, as well as the tools of Unreal Engine 4 we were able to complete this massive task and build the beautiful world that you’re able to drive in!

Please check our game out on Steam, and give feedback here or on the Steam page if you want! We’re really proud of our work, and curious what you think.

Link to Til Nord On Steam
Link to Til Nord Community Discord Server

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