tie points

I’m really frustrated. I’ve tried to read all I can about tie points and the best information seems to be an older version of the UI. I just want to know how to quickly delete miss hits without have to change “enable” to False. I’m sure it’s obvious, but I can’t figure it out.

Thank you!

Hi Bethany

We will soon release the new HELP file covering more content. But at least for quick reference, take a look at this short video
how to work with the TIE points in general. Look how are the TIE points spread all over the area, so it works the best possible way.


I highly recommend you to watch it few times to get the whole workflow

Thanks for your response. I had in fact already watched that video but it didn’t say how to simply delete a point outside of making it false. I notice that when I do that the points start reordering themselves too. Is there a hot key to just delete a point??

Hello Bethany

Not sure i understand your problem but when working on control point, i do it with tab 1d. On the right i place 3/7 images and a 3d view.
On the 1d panel, expanding column control point, you can see all control point, and if you expand one cp, you find all images related, with “calculated distance”.
That way you see directly which point is causing trouble, and you can edit or remove it.
You can delete CP with delete key in 1d column or by mouse directly on it.

Bethany, there may be some confusion here with tie points vs. control points.

If I understand correctly, you are asking how we can delete tie points (automatically matched features) from the sparse cloud. Some of the replies here assume you are talking about manually added control points.

If that’s your question, the answer is that it’s not possible to delete these points in RealityCapture. This came as a surprise to me, because deleting tie points is an essential part of the workflow in Photoscan. I learned this on the forum – don’t remember where. RealityCapture lacks this feature due to a difference in philosophy with Photoscan.

However, there are two ways you may be able to get rid of those spurious matches. One is turn change the “preselector features” setting. In this post I think I learned that the preselector is the equivalent of the bad match detector in Photoscan that leads to the red lines if you do “view matches.” The other is to use alpha masking, which the changelog says was added in the latest RC version (build 1952). However, I haven’t been able to figure out how to use alpha masking yet. Looking forward to those docs!

Removing bad tie points in Photoscan is primarily used prior to optimising the camera positions/lens distortions. The other typical workflow is to do a gradual selection, removing points above a specified error level. In RC you specify a maximum reprojection error as part of the alignment settings so you you don’t really get the range of errors in the alignment stage that you do in PS.

As for masking with the alpha channel… just use an image format that supports alpha channels (eg TIF) and set any areas you want excluded as black in the alpha channel. Nothing to configure in RC.

There is a lot of good info here I can try, thanks guys. Lately I’ve had a near 100% matches in my set and the few times I tried to get the other few in by using “control points” they didn’t get the non aligned photos included anyway. I will certainly keep playing with CR. I also think that since I am using a Mac Book Pro instead of a PC keyboard… it can affect some of the quick key demands.