TickNode of BTDecorator does not execute


in my custom decorator node constructor I have set:

UBTDecorator_IsActorClose::UBTDecorator_IsActorClose(const FObjectInitializer& OI)
    : Super(OI)
    this->bNotifyTick = true;

Unfortunately, my TickNode function is not called:

void UBTDecorator_IsActorClose::TickNode(UBehaviorTreeComponent& OwnerComp, uint8* NodeMemory, float DeltaSeconds)
    Super::TickNode(OwnerComp, NodeMemory, DeltaSeconds);
//    CalculateRawConditionValue(OwnerComp, NodeMemory);
    int i = 0;

I want the decorator to check a condition while the tree is executed. If that condition is not fulfilled anymore it should stop executing that tree. Is this the correct way of achieving this?

My whole AIController doesn’t seem to be ticking. Tick() function does not get executed… This probably is the reason for the components not ticking and therefore the nodes not ticking?..

Uff, overrode the Tick function and forgot calling Super >.<. Took me all git bisect to realize it.

I don’t know if any Epic community members can answer this question, but I am currently facing the same problem. I am using 4.21 version of Unreal engine. I also created a new post for this problem:

If anyone see this and can answer this question, that would be helpful.