Ticking while paused

How does pausing of the game work? Can I pause while still being able to use delays and timelines in blueprints that have been set as “tickable when paused”?

Or do I need to do it another way? I am looking for a way to run UMG and other things with animations on them say opacity of UMG elements, which currently needs to be worked around using timelines. Right now I only have it so you can’t move or take damage while in menus, but it would be nice to stop gameplay completely.

Closed because of duplication


Is there a link to an answer that isn’t deleted?

I am sorry. Normaly we close these questions, because the user posted it more than once (due to hitten the post button too often). Then we link the oldest question in the duplicated once.

The link you see there should be the oldest one and either we or the user itself deleted it. I undeleted it for now. If it is deleted again, i guess the user wanted it to be gone.