Tick Timeline during Paused

Hi UE4 Community,

I would like to set the game paused using “Set Game Paused” BP Node.

And i would like to be able to move camera during the pause. My camera use TimeLineComponent to smooth mouvement.

My problem is: My TimeLine doesn’t play during pause. Even if my the BP which contain my TimeLine is set as TickableWhenPaused and if in the event Tick i use the Play entry of my TimeLineNode.

How can i use my TimeLine even in paused ?

Thank You

(sry for bad english)

Maybe you’ve already figured it out, but you have to use Set Tickable when Paused node for your timeline. Don’t forget to check the boolean on the node.
Came up with the answer today as I had the same exact problem. Don’t know how to enable camera rotation during pause, though.


i used another method, with another result. I just set the whole game slow using time dilatation then i dilate the time just for my controller to compensate:

SetGlobalTimeDilatation (0.2f)
SetTimeDilatation (5) for my controller to compensate

I can now set my Game in “Active Pause” which is just a slow motion.

You cant use time dilatation to really pause the game since you cant set a time dilatation too small. < 0.001

This worked for me: