Tick performance when c++ pawn class is extended with blueprint

Hi All,

I am using a very heavy maths computing logic in a C++ class which extends APawn class.
I have extended the c++ class with a blueprint and added couple of events in the blueprint event graph.
Also My project Setting -->Maps and Modes -->Default pawn class refers to the Blueprint as Default pawn class.
The Blueprint is also moved and kept inside the level
Blueprint tick is disabled.
The c++ tick gets called correctly with this approach.

On profiling the game thread each tick of extended blueprint class is consuming around 6 millisecond. Profiling using session front end does not go beyon the blueprint class name and hence i assume its caused by the parent tick.


  1. Does the blueprint extended class is calling the tick inside the c++ class every frame or the tick in c++ class executes on its own.

  2. Does this approach has any performance penalty compared to just using the c++ tick directly . I can move the events to some other blueprint if needed)