Tick Optimization Toolkit

Hi All,

I just submitted Tick Optimization Toolkit code plugin that optimizes ticks in actors, components, and timelines by reducing their frequency or disabling them with distance and visibility. All the features are easily accessible from Blueprints. No C++ knowledge is needed.

No more need for spawning and despawning actors that would otherwise fit into memory. No more juggling of triggers and volumes that above all obfuscate your levels in the editor. With Tick Optimization Toolkit, you can gain precious milliseconds of game thread time with ease.

Check out our video tutorials on:

Or you could look into more traditional documentation.

For some concrete numbers, you can look into the example. Results on my machine are:

  • for 1024 AI Characters from 9 FPS (108 ms) to 55 FPS (18 ms)
  • for 4096 Environment Actors from 20 FPS (48 ms) to 80-220 FPS (4 ms, GPU bound)


  • Optimizes everything that ticks in an actor: components, timelines, and the actor itself.
  • Can handle thousands of actors with ease.
  • Works with any actor: pawn, controller, projectile, moving, stationary, etc.
  • Can be easily incorporated into an existing project.
  • Supports multiplayer: local, online (with listen or dedicated server).
  • All the features are easily accessible from Blueprints and C++.
  • Additionally, exposes animation update rate optimizations to Blueprints.


Looking good. Any update on the submission?

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I’m still waiting. I don’t know what are the normal times for new submissions these days :wink:

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Tick Optimization Toolkit is live here.

There are also some video tutorials available:

And the usual cocktail of:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Looks very useful, reminds me of how Sea of Thieves does it’s tick management.

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I’ve added an easier way for AI Controller to mimic its pawn optimizations: TickOptToolkitMimicComponent. You can check it out in this updated AI Character Tutorial

Hi all, I’ve just updated Tick Optimization Toolkit to work with Unreal Engine 5 (5.0 EA and git branches: 5.0, UE5-main). Just update the plugin for UE 4.25-4.27 through Epic Games Launcher, move the plugin to your project or UE5 engine and compile it. There’s even a youtube tutorial for this :slight_smile: