Tick interval and performance

I know event tick cost a lot, but I need to use event tick and in the blueprint there is the option: “tick interval (secs)”. I can set it to one tick every second because I don’t need it every frame.
My question is: the performance/FPS will improve a lot if change the tick interval instead of using it every frame?

I’m not entirely sure that that would improve performance. I think it’s more common practice and better for performance to use “Set timer by Function Name” nodes or “Timeline” Nodes depending on what exactly you are trying to do.

Best thing you could do for performance is to turn off tick for the blueprint entirely

The less you do per tick the better.

As Kwiji noted … Use Set Timer by Function Name or Set timer by Event.

All in all it really depends on what you’re doing … is it multiplayer or single player … does it need to sync on all clients … does the server control it etc.

Thank you kwijibojaner and Rev0verDrive! :slight_smile: