Tick: DeltaTime cap?

I am doing some heavy “computations” every time I spawn a character in the world, because I do a lot of procedural mesh morphing on them. I will probably need to pre-compute all this later in the project (on level change or something), but for now, I need a way to prevent the simulation from “skipping” after one of these breaks, which may take several seconds.

So, my idea was: either it is possible to artificially “cap” the DeltaTime-value to something low, or maybe there’s a way to do my character morphing “between ticks”?..

Hello MaxPower42,

It sounds like you are looking for “Tick Interval”. If you would like to alter your delta time (delta time is the time between frames), you could try adjusting your Tick Interval. This can be found in your details panel for the blueprint that you are using. I hope that this information helps.


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That doesn’t sound like it’s what I’m looking for. I am not trying to reduce the tick-frequency. I want to prevent DeltaTime (I know what that is, thank you…) from becoming too large because of a “loading break” in between. All kinds of problems can occur when one tick suddenly has an extremely high DeltaTime. A character walking towards an edge will just fall off, for example.

I would also prefer a global solution instead of something that has to be set per actor/component.

If it’s impossible, you can tell me… I have the stomach for it.