Tic Tac Toe Project


I just finished my second project: a Tic Tac Toe.

I learned a lot. And I decided to share it all.
Almost everything is done in blueprint. Only two classes were done in C ++:

  • The one that manages the board.
  • The one that deals with artificial intelligence made using the algorithm alpha beta negamax.

I’ve also made another one to make me a Blueprint Function Library.

Kepp in mind that I am not a professional and so everything is probably not perfect;).

However, you will learn all sorts of things, like the UMG, basic concepts of gameplay in Unreal Engine, the development of artificial intelligence, the use of 2D paper, etc …

A presentation:

The game:

The project:

See you soon,

Awesome usage of UMG.

Thanks :wink:
Glad you like it !

Thank you so much ,your project helped ma a lot :):):slight_smile:

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