Thunderbirds Ue4

Project : Thunderbirds UE4

Back in 1965, a new kids show appears on the british television screens called Thunderbirds. Made by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson who where allready knows for making puppet tv series such as Four Feather Falls, Supercar and Fireball XL5. The previous years they made Stingray, the first British TV series made in color. Stingray had a huge succes but not as much as thunderbirds. The shows follows the Tracy Familly who runs a secret organisation called International Rescue. Jeff Tracy, first astronaut to go to the moon (it was made in 1965 remember) and his five sons (Scott, Virgil, Alan, Scott, John). They use futuristic vehicules to save people from natural disasters.

Concept : My goal is to make a virtual replica of some parts of the Tracy villa, HQ of the Thunderbirds. Not really to make a full game as i’m not licensing it from ITV. But more for learning.

Programmes used :

  • 3Ds Max for modeling and UV Mapping
  • Substance Designer for texturing
  • Unreal Engine 4 for rendering

Looks like a good start :slight_smile:

Maybe provide some reference pics for comparison?