Thumbstick Dead Zones

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to make a suggestion. It’s something very simple.

It’s about the Dead Zone settings for the gamepad’s thumbsticks that you can find in Project Settings / Input. Currently, you can change the Dead Zone setting for the X axis and the Y axis of each thumbstick individually. This has some side effects: the higher is the dead zone amount, the more the thumbstick will snap to the axis. So you can’t get a nice full circle from the thumbsticks. And since I have some difficulties explaining this, you can see this blog post that explains the problem very well: Look where it says “The Naïve Way — Axial Dead Zone”.

So to fix this, of course you can set the dead zones to zero, and implement them yourself by creating a vector from the two axis’ values and performing the dead zone check on the length of that vector. You can also see in this twin stick shooter tutorial how Zack implements something similar:

So my suggestion is, could this functionality be added directly in the project settings? Instead of having one dead zone value for each axis, having one for each thumbstick. Or maybe have an option to choose between the two options. Although it is easy to implement this yourself in your project, it would be nice if UE4 could provide this functionality out of the box, instead of having this imprecise approach.

Thanks for your attention! :slight_smile: