Thumbstick Component Movement


I’m working on a blueprint that takes the input of the motioncontroller(L) Thumbstick X and moves a component relative to the input. Inputs from .5 to 1 will move the component out to a max position. While inputs from -1 to -.5 will bring the component back to its initial position.

Starting Position of the component is (x,y,z)-> (0,0,200)
End Position of the component is (x,y,z)->(100,0,220)

May someone help me with my logic.
I grab the axis value of the controller and multiply it by the max location since range is from 1 to -1.
I check to see if the current X and Z is greater then the Max X and Z, if not then I add an offset based on the axis value.

Is this the correct way to think about this problem?

Thanks Guys!