Thruster physics

Following a tutorial on digital tutors, I wrongly assumed that where you placed the thruster component determined how the force was applied to the object - but I’m having the opposite problem.

The result I was expecting was; you use the left thruster and it pushes on that edge of the object, turning it (like a tank), and if you used the right thruster on its own you got the opposite effect, whereas if you used both together it would go straight ahead.

With what I have now, they both go straight ahead regardless. Am I wrong in thinking it’s supposed to be built into the physics, or is the tutorial I’m following just not applicable to my approach?

This is what I’ve used for the blueprint;

…any help would be greatly appreciated!

“Add Impulse at location” - but this is suited it an instant burst of speed. if being used as a thruster use “add force at location” instead.

You can use “Add Angular Impulse” to rotate an object physically.

Hopes this information helps,