Thrown weapon not causing damage and boomeranging

Spent some time verifying ALL the “Default” settings (Throw Hit Strength/Damage, Thrown Weapon Required Impulse/Velocty, etc.) of the mod pistol matched that of the gun_base the SK_Pistol is referencing. And that was after remaking the modded gun from scratch.

Is there some other specific setting/conditions I have to make sure are set/met for thrown weapons to cause damage and to enemies they hit and then boomerang back?

Made a new revolver and ran into the same exact issue. functionality doesn’t seem to be there by default; maybe because I’m exporting from Blender? isn’t covered in any of the tutorials I’ve seen.

Bump. Please help.

Hi I sent you a message on the Oculus forums, make sure in the physics asset that collision is on and CCD is checked too, also simulates hit events

Will check it out now and mark all my own questions as solved (crediting you) in all the forums I posted question. Thanks a lot for taking the time to help me out! It’s extremely appreciated!