Thrown object go to random direction

Hello guys,
I’ve created simple pickup/drop/draw system following this tutorial.

Lifting and droping things works fine but the problem is when throwing objects. They seem to go random directions
(video example: Throw fail - YouTube)
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

At first I thought it has sth to do with yellow ball respawn/shooting system so I deleted the blueprint of it but still it’s not working. Can anybody help me to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Thx, it worked.

GetForwardVector returns a normalized vector (length = 1.0). You are subtracting a large number from that so it goes negative. Change the subtract node into a multiply node and see if that helps.

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Hi I have a little of topic question and you seems to be a person with all the answers.
I’m trying to implement ability to peek through a keyhole (dishonored, thief style). I’m using actor class blueprint (door) with attached camera. When my character is in range of trigger it swaps from FPS camera to my “door camera” using “set view target with blend” and I would like to enable my mouse input so I could look around using “door camera”.

There is a new topic on the forum where you can find all the details

I would really appreciate your help.