Throwing other Player makes it unplayable

I am working on a project right now and I am pretty new to ue4. So I implemented following functions: I have two players in the scene (which have different abilities) so one of them is small and I can pick him up with the other one and throw it random (I am gonna make it so I can projectile it onto a wall so it climbs there)
BUT. Right now I pick up the character, throw it and than it rotates like crazy. When I switch to the character I am not standing up, nothing. When I use the abilities it just does the animation but lays flat on the floor. So how can I give back normal Rotation & Movement back to this thrown character (Aja)?

Advanced Locomotion System has such functionality, download it and see how it is done there.

Next Time I am gonna look into this. But for now I finally found a solution that worked for me:

First i did “disable the input” of the second player in the picking up stage. Afterwards I added after “in Animation” in Throwing stage a delay with following functions:

So I literally enabled physics for the throw, and disabled it again when it hits the floor, then reset the Rotation (which I saved as a Rot in the “searching for pick up things” after the Line Trace casts to Aja (the second character) - “GetActorRotation”). Then I am free to play this character. :slight_smile: