Throwing a tip for Max users regarding exporting corrective morphs to UE.

Some while back and to this day there are some posts in forums asking about corrective morph exports from Max to UE.

There was a thread a while back where we tried to remedy the problem but that didn’t work. Max uses Skin morph as an extra modifier to do additive morphs for correctives internally so this doesn’t work with UE.

Currently to our knowledge there exists no possible way to get the additive morph information form skinmorph and translate that to the regular morpher modifier in order for the corrective to work and Unreal to read it and no currently available scripts to do this for you, and since writing one would take a while, we found the solution to be outside Max and inside good old Blender. So we ended up with the following:

1 - In Max create base skinning on the object that requires corrective shapes.
2 - animate multiple extreme poses.
3 - export the object plus animation as FBX into Blender.
4 - create corrective morph targets (Tutorial youtube).
5 - Export FBX back into max extract the morph target and apply it onto your original mesh morpher as a corrective target.

With the corrective correctly working inside the morpher, Unreal should be able to read it.

Hope this helps people out.

I’m going to be the dunce and ask the obvious - people seriously skin their characters in Max!?

Unfortunately you are right in asking that question, it has been in the begging list from the community to Autodesk to improve such features but we all know that story.

In our case we use a commercial powerful skinning plugin Bones-Pro (along with a long list of other plugins/custom scripts). Bones-pro later combined with skin in Max gives you most of the tools you need for the job.

Now justify that to Autodesk and at best they’ll throw in a useless “voxel” feature on skin and call it an upgrade case closed kind of thing. We have been looking closer at Blender slowly. But it’s still a massive undertaking to switch when we have long list of complicated rigs and scripts setup and workflow setup in Max. We have to adapt Blender to our needs somehow, but we are looking into it slowly, it’s encouraging us further when the price tag for all Autodesk products just keeps on unjustifiably and astronomically increasing. For small studios and teams this has become a back breaking thing.

That is quite unfortunate. Why not look at Maya though?

We’ve used Maya in production for a few years (and still do sometimes depending on the job), not any better than Max, yes i agree about the skinning by default being better in Maya, but like i said Bonespro now makes it good for us in Max and evens it out.

Besides Maya is Autodesk too :).

Blender + Houdini combo would be the smart choice for the future, unless a tycoon buys Autodesk and makes Max/Maya open source so we could see some real innovation, they can keep Autocad :).

I agree that Blender is phenomenal, but the support is still a couple of years behind Max and Maya. Soon!

(Also, 1000th post!)