Throw the ball go towards an arrow (Solved)

I have a ball, and an arrow that follows only the position of the ball,
the arrow has 4 directions, 0 degrees, 90 degrees, -90 degrees, 180 degrees,

the problem is that the ball does not follow the specific directions according to the directions of the arrow, the ball is moving diagonally,
I do not want it to move on diagonals, I that the ball moves only to the 4 directions and not on diagonals, did you understand?

Anyone have any idea how to adjust this?

video in youtube:

here is the blueprint:

explanation of logic

I already did make this logic perfectly in Unity but in engine 4 I did not succeed,
this logic is a prototype for a football game that I am developing, the player controls the ball, when he changes the animation to 90 degrees and the foot touches the ball, then the ball is thrown towards the direction of the arrow, but for me To do this project I need to adjust this bug that I am facing, please help me !!