Throw Object with MotionController

I’d like to hear more about how to do this if possible.

Is there any significant downside to simply attaching collision spheres (or any) to the motion controller components? As someone else mentioned, you can use the sphere’s physics to get angular and linear velocities. Chances are you’ll need some sort of collision anyway for interaction.

I used get physics linear angle get physics rotation angle by degrees and set them in vector variables. Set simulate physics true, (which seems to override any attach to actor so no need to detach in my case). Then I multiplied linear physics by 2 and set linear physics, multiplied angular physics by point 5 or less (basically divide andor multiply or reduce somehow) set angular physics. Worked perfectly in my case. (Also FYI I eventually removed angular physics, made what I was doing better, but not necessary)

so need to use like this?