Throw Object and change colour on collide -VR

Hi All,

Im using the VR template and have imported a chair. What id like to happen is when i throw a cube at the chair it changes its material…sounds simple enough but i cant get it…

This is what i’ve managed to put together so far (attached).
Any help would be greatly appreciated. (not looking for the answer) id like to understand how to achieve it.


oh wait i think i got it, i needed to attach the OnActorBeginOverlap to a trigger rather than the chair.

ok now that its figured out, how do i go about it with multiple tags and settings different materials? i know i need to setup some sort of forEachLoop and a tag array… any help appreciated thanks.

Use select node - tag as input and material as output. Simple as that. Vid: WTF Is? Select in Unreal Engine 4 ( UE4 ) - YouTube