Throw character away!

Now I ahve another question haha.
First How I can spoiler the img on forum…
Second is I make this BP, for the bot chase my character and when get close play the animation attack.

I want that after he play the animation, he throw my character away, like 10 meters back.
Anyone can help me ?

Look into ‘applying forces’ to an actor.

You can use a Launch Character function, which is available for Character classes. I use it for any throw-back/forth effects on my characters.

Hi guys, Launch Character works, thanks, but how I set to throw my character back. because this way hes only throw my character to the same direction.
I try make just with y or x, but dont work.

I think like, get my bot position and than set the velocity. but how i can make this ?

Solved! thanks guys.
But now i want do my bot just play animation when his hand is close, because when I was on his back, he still hit me.

Apply some magic stuff(lat. collisionus cubincitus) at his hands, and when his magic interacts with yours(lat. capsulcitus collisititus), or overlaps in any way, then throw it.