Throw Animation

Has anyone successfully made a throw animation for the standard mannequin? I’d like to have my character do a left handed throw (their right hand is holding a sword, so unless they were to put their sword away first it would look weird to do a right handed throw).

So far I’ve been able to find all the animations I need on the marketplace, but couldn’t seem to find one for a throw.

Does anyone have anything they’d be willing to share or sell? PM me if you can help.


Search for kubold movimento animset demo. There is a throw baseball ball Like animation.

Thanks! When I started thinking about it more carefully and analyzing other games, it seems when initiating a throw a lot of games have the player rapidly stow their weapon, briefly hold up the item to throw, and then throw it. This would actually be ideal. Maybe I should post this in the jobs section. xD

check if any of these would help you out with your project

I appreciate you linking that.