Throttling the Epic Games Launcher

I have slow rural internet (1.5 Mb/s or 187K/sec max) so downloading a UE build can take quite some time. And when it does it completely hammers my connection so nothing else is possible. This does not go over well in the house.

So I installed NetBalancer and limited the Launcher’s download speek to 80K/second. That leaves enough room for the family to easily watch Netflix and surf.

The weird thing is that I’m watching the traffic both in the NetBalancer and Epic Launcher UI and seeing consistent download speeds, but it’s as if all those packets are being rejected by the Launcher. It’s been going for hours and it hasn’t made a dent in the progress.

It was at 68% when I started throttling it and it’s been at 68% since.

Anyone else throttle their downloads, and do you have any issues with it?

Heya, I’ll use NetLimiter to limit down- or uploads. So I’ll tried to reproduce your problem. With Netlimiter I was able to limit the Download down to 2 MB/s without an problem.

Give it a free try:
and if the Epic Games Launcher does not show up, try restarting your Computer.


I’ve had issues with Epic Games Launcher and Netlimiter.

It seems to make Epic Games Launcher somewhat unresponsive and unstable for some reason. Some of it is Epic’s progress and bandwidth indicator seems to become wildly inaccurate when another process is limiting it.

I’m adding some additional information, screen shots of Epic Game Launcher’s behavior with and without the rule enabled.