Threshold: Tech vs Magic // Third-Person / Action / Shooter

Hi All,

My team has started working on a new game called Tech vs Magic. It’s basically a slug-fest between two very different forces. I wanted to start by posting some of the characters and ride-able vehicles here, so I decided to do the dragon first. More info on the game here.


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New video showing off Dragon flight:

I was the programmer for the “Future vs Fantasy” Franchise from the late 1990’s. It was a great concept, I’m glad someone is refreshing the genre.

Video of me failing with our vehicle physics:

New video of the Summoner calling a wyvern:

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@EpsilonKo ,

Wow. Your progress is rapid. I noticed the fantasy environment expanding slowly. Nice.

@TechLord Thank you, yes it expands, I’m going to post a video about that in the near future. I want to improve the effect a bit, but I think it’s quite fun when it happens. Here’s a new video of our knight class character:

Update showing tank going nuts against a dragon minding his own business.

Updated physics + Implemented new bullet impact system:

Kudos that looks awesome!

Thanks, making steady progress.

Updated UI and Magic side character selection animations:

So, we finally got our steam page up, if you want to stay up to date on progress, and see some new screenshots, I recommend you wishlist TVM!…Tech_vs_Magic/

Here’s some new gameplay - please excuse the language:

Threshold: Tech vs Magic trailer is live: which side would you choose?

Got some new character animations and models going:

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