Three Questions

  1. What browser do you use?


  1. What are the first 3 websites that you check each morning?

Reddit Front Page, Hotmail and eBay atm.

  1. What’s your homepage?


1: IE.

2: gmail,yahoo mail, UE4 forum.

3: google.

  1. FF
  2. Unreal forums, ArsTechnica, TechDirt
  3. None. I set it up so the default new tab page with the dozen or so “most visited” sites is displayed.
  1. firefox
  2. gmail, ue4 forum and a local news website :slight_smile:
  1. Firefox. (Was using Chrome, but the Bookmark System on Chrome is absolute ****.)

  2. Gmail. Facebook. UE4 Forums.

  3. Google.

  1. What’s your homepage?


  1. What browser do you use? Opera Browser

  2. What are the first 3 websites that you check each morning? Drudge Report, My authors sales page on amazon, AOL email

  3. What’s your homepage? Opera Speed dial, about 15 sites ready for access.

  1. Firefox and others related to it.

  2. UE4 forums, Youtube, RT news…

  3. DuckDuckGo.

yahoo, UE4 forums , web browser, Opera Has less problems.
where these! Like firefox and explorer browser crashing, seems like the have to refresh there browsers all the time


Browser = Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Websites = Unamed :rolleyes:, unity forums, cg society, unreal forums.

Homepage= None, browser starts at the last tab i was on