Three productivity boosters for Epic to consider.

Hi Epic guys,

I have quite an extensive experience using CryEngine and its editor Sandbox. I have been using Unreal for a while now too, and I like many of its workflows, but there are few things which I think would save people hours and hours, if implemented.

So here they are:

First - and probably the biggest time waster. Better to explain with example. I have an object selected, which is not in my camera view and is 2 kilometers away. I want to put it right in front of me. Cryengine - hold Ctrl+Shift and click where you want to place the selected object. Unreal - fly 2 kilometers, zoom out and painfully drag and object to the desired location. Now, it does not seem all THAT hard, but now do it 50 times. You might have just lost like half hour just flying and dragging objects, vs fraction of a second to perform a click. And it adds up.

Second - add object selection helpers. When helpers are visible in Cryengine, you can hold Space and it displays a little helper cube at the origin of each object, no matter how far it is or whether it is occluded. In Unreal, a good example when this is obviously missing is a decal selection. You are in luck if you decal helper is outside of the wall, but if it’s inside and occluded, you are going to have to zoom inside of your wall to find it. While pressing Space and seeing its helper through wall would save you those precious seconds.

Third - align object to object. Ok, there actually is a hotkey assignment slot for Align Actor to Actor. But it doesn’t work. What I’m talking about is - select object, activate key, click on the desired object. Result is you align pivot-to-pivot position, match rotation and scale (would be great to have options to separate those). I know of vertex alignment, but you must agree that the method I’ve described is way less of a hassle to deal with.

Well that’s about it :slight_smile: I am not trying to just criticize here, not at all. I am suggesting improvements which I am sure many users would find invaluable once they’ve tried them. Besides, it’s great to bring together best practices from other great engines to try and make Unreal Engine even better than it is now!

Hope you guys will give it a bit of consideration. These are really not that hard to implement, but time savings can be drastic.

Thank you!

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