Threaded Blueprint Scripts

Hi, does anyone know if its possible or have a quick example of creating a thread within a Blueprint. If so, can this background thread be used to create models and scenery?

Thanks in advance.

you mean this? BPThreads in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Also note that some UE classes are not exactly friends with parallel threads especially UObject creation, just tread carefully

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Thanks , Very helpful.

As this is related: do you know do AActor and UObjects classes use or have member properties that are windows handles (Windows OS) ?

No they don’t have any OS specific shenanigans. If you mean thread synchronization objects, check out FEvent but that’s C++ only of course. I’m not sure if BPThread introduces some synchronization mechanism between threads for Blueprint developers. I haven’t actually used it in the wild.
But FEvent is not inter-process anyway, and AActors or UObjects themselves don’t have any of that either.