Thread-unsafe operation in animation blueprint

I’m using UE4.23 and ported some animation blueprints from UE4.20
On this new version I get some warnings when accessing the parent skeletal mesh from an anim graph :

Node Transform (Modify) Bone - Bone: xxx uses potentially thread-unsafe call Get Owning Component . Disable threaded update or use a thread-safe call. Function may need BlueprintThreadSafe metadata adding.

I need to access the skeletal mesh because I want to know the rotation induced by a two bone IK that was done just before so I can apply it on several bones, and it is combined with some other values so I cannot use the copy bone node.

Is there another way for me to know the rotation that resulted from a two bone IK ?
Or should I ignore this warning as my use of the skeletal mesh will be ok as long as I don’t modify it ?