Thousand Sunny from One Piece with UEFN's modeling tools

Hey everyone! I’m happy to make my first post on this forum! :smiley:

I finally found some time to fully immerse myself in learning UEFN.
So last sunday I decided to start by learning the modeling tools because that is something that I always wanted to do, making my own assets!

Since I have no real experience in modeling outside of Fortnite, only slightly used SketchUp in modern times and UnrealED in ancient times for maps in Unreal Tournament. I decided to watch some videos on how to handle the tools. But outside of intro videos of the tools to get to learn them, I mostly can’t learn from watching videos because I need to be hands on, trying things out by having an objective and really get into these situations where I need to be creative with the tools to achieve what I need. :sweat_smile:

Not much later, I chose to fix myself an objective by making the “Thousand Sunny” boat from the anime “One Piece”

Some references to make the boat, for which I found amazing ones! :star_struck:
When recreating things from an anime, you’ll usually have references that will show different proportions depending on the angle/view/situation. So I tried my best with my poor knowledge of the tools to get proportions that are okay for the size of a Fortnite player.


Especially these ones are amazing references, because they look authentic I guess, lol

Here are is a little screenshot dump of during the creation, didn’t get time to really screenshot which steps I actually took to make all those meches everytime because I was learning at the same time and by the end I was just so excited to create more and more that I screenshotted less and less haha!

The tools I have been using the most are:

  • PolyEd, Great tool but feels buggy at times, first I have to scroll down to see all the options or else they stay hidden. When I bevel complex shapes there is a chance I’ll create some faces/edges that shouldn’t be there. Placing Edges (not edgeloops) is such a pain right now, I have to freehand because there is no options to make it follow a precise axis & can’t sometimes connect 2 vertices to eachother. There is also no option to delete specific edges or vertices, which I think is weird since we can delete faces. Overall great tool but I feel like I’m using it wrong in some cases.
  • PlnCut, Amazing tool, nothing to say, only that I used it a lot.
  • MshBool, This one has been such a lifesaver for certain shapes I had to achieve. I also used this one to merge my meshes together by selecting “Union”, but that makes them merged together forever, no going back with the “Split” tool, lol.
  • Lattice, This tool is also a champion for specific situations like making the sails for example.
  • Pattern, (Check “convert to dynamic” or you’ll crash, learned the hard way. Multiple times.) This tool is so useful to do circle tricks, or other pattern-like shapes. I used it so much for the railing all around the boat for example.
  • GrpGen, This tool is so good to optimize the PolyGroups of your mesh, but in the beginning I mostly used it to clean up my meshes of all the edges/inner-faces I had created in PolyEd when modeling the mesh.
  • Warp, Love this tool :heart_eyes:

During the process I also started to learn about PolyGroups, UV maps and how I will be individually be making the UVs for all of those meshes. :melting_face: But that will be my next objective, to completely texture it and learn how to do all that.


image image image image

Overall I had a good time learning the modeling tools & can’t wait to create more assets with it. It feels amazing to have such freedom in creating assets compared to what we did in Fortnite Creative. It felt like they were easy to learn/work with, but I still think I’m doing things wrong. Which is okay since I’m on a learning journey :slight_smile:

Now I’m up to UVs, learning about materials & start coloring this boat!

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This is so awesome! Seeing that you’ve done this all with just UE’s modeling tools is crazy in my opinion (I only know how to place a cube haha)! :eyes: Honestly, well done!

Would love to see how this looks after it’s all textured and stuff! :smile:

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ONE PIECEEEE!!! Love this!!

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WOW. Amazing to see what’s possible with the built-in modeling tools!

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