thoughts/suggestions for a pc build

Im pretty green to building a pc much less specifically for game design.

So I was curious if any of you could share your builds or suggestions on what would work well for me.

I have roughly $3,000 - $4000 to build it. (more if necessary)

My goal is to get the best or 2nd best of what is needed to where i wont have to worry about upgrading it for some time. Any thoughts, suggestions, or opinions would be awesome!

Honestly, you could get one perfectly good for a lot less. Anything you get in that price range will be more than enough and unless you are experienced it’s unlikely that you will push it’s performance. Better to save some money.

This one should be good for you, maybe upgrade the ram to 32gig.

Get Skylake chipset, at least geforce 980TI, and 32gb ram. Samsung m2 SSD (this for system and unreal) and one or two SATA samsung EVO drives (they work nice in raid setup).
Do not go for SLI, its not worth money, also DDR4 is not that much faster than DDR3.
When you have all that go for best CPU you can afford.

I found through extensive research, the best deal for my gaming pc from IBuyPower. An Asus motherboard won’t suddenly blow up, and is made to last, so that’s where you start. From there, I’d go with oil cooling a 6 core to 4ghz overclocked, 1tb sshd only, a decent 4k video card if possible, but anything with 1g mem by Nvidia or Zotac is great. The hardware may be a bit cheaper with Chinese junk, but software I just like better there. The sshd will let you boot up in seconds. You’ll also need 8gigs of ram to just know you’ll never need more (as far as all my work has required anyway). There are better and worse power supplies, and ram, so that’s where I’d go with Corsair’s best if possible.
Don’t get Windows from the maker; get it somewhere else. Ebay and Craigslist , you can get a copy for 20 to 35 bucks of windows 7. Don’t use anything else imo.
You may want to save a wad of cash for a 4k monitor or tv, something with led not lcd . 120hz and 4k with the best input lag ratings you can find. There is a very very very wide range of input lags on various tv’s/monitors, so do your research there. Staring at a screen for hours on end is painful if it’s 60hz and lcd, like mine is. It’s burning my eyes out with UV light, and the 60hz is known to make one tired. Something about cymatics, idk, but it’s also just hard on the nerves since the refresh rate is right at the rate of the human eye’s abilities. Do research on computer fans. A quiet set of fans is very nice. You’ll end up switching out fans if you get something substandard.

Absolutely overpriced…

I built my i7-6700K 16gb memory, 240gb SSD, 1TB HDD, gold standard PSU, X61 Kraken cooler, Corsair Air 540, Gigabyte G1 Gaming Ultra motherboard, GTX 1070

for around $1300

900 series is essentially end of life. GTX 1070 is the best bang for your buck at this time and more future proof with dx12.

Sorry but Asus is anything but made to last dude…
My Asus rigs constantly overheat and hard reboot.
Or hang with a frozen screen like a normal map.
Its disappointing, but I have to say Avoid Asus!!!


I should have spent more time picking a better link. I was only trying to show that $3000 to $4000 is serious overkill for someone just getting into game development and half that would be sufficient.

Some Asus boards are picky with RAM, especially with speeds considered OC by the board. Most Asus are rock-solid if you get it setup right.

Stay away from MSI. They have horrible QC.

Gigabyte is my recommendation. Get Z series chipset if you want to overclock. Dual-Bios is a blessing when you need it. There’s absolutely no reason to spend top dollar on a motherboard as a $400 Z170 does not perform or OC any better than a $100 one. It all comes down to what kind of features you would like, such as the above-mentioned Dual-Bios.

Can confirm. Myself and a family member both had problems with our MSI motherboards (Certain ports being dead, etc.).

You could build a great pc for around $1000 or less. If you don’t plan to play or develop games in 4K you probably don’t need an overpriced gtx 1080.
I would go for RX 480, gtx 1060 or gtx 1070 for the gpu and for the cpu you could get an i7 6700k Skylake and 32 Gb of RAM.