Thoughts on this webseries/ideas?

I had an idea of this for a while and im finally able to buy a green screen kit and a decent computer to handle what i want to do. Basically i want to do a gaming academy series. Basically itll go through a characters experience. Him not knowing about the school. Him going through introductions to different types of games. 2D games, adventure games, horror games and etc. This is why im trying to learn unreal engine 4 because itll be good to make my own stages and stuff like that. Since ill be able to make what comes to my mind and have a 3D model of it for angles ill need, but yeah. I don’t want to give too much away since I really want to get started on this. If you guys have any suggestions of the types of games the character should go through or what youd like to see let me know! I also wanted to know if this is the best software for what im using it for. Im not sure if i can make a 3D level and import it into after effects, as of right now im just angling the first stage to match the angle of match my actors then getting a high res screen shot. If theres a better way of doing this let me know! :slight_smile: