Thoughts on these Game Engine Architecture / Programming Books?

I have a strong desire to purchase the following books in hardback. Any thoughts on their usefulness?

Game Engine Architecture: Second Edition - by Jason Gregory (Naughty Dog’s lead programmer); Foreword by Richard Lemarchand
Price: AU$110
Length: 1040pgs

Info on C++ 11, architecture of 8th gen gaming consoles - Xbox “One” and PlayStation 4
New chapter on audio technology covering physics, mathematics fundamentals in relation to the technology that goes into creating a “AAA” game audio engine.
Updated sections on Multi-Core Programming, pipelined CPU architecture and optimization, localization, pseudo-vectors, Grassman Algebra, dual quaternion’s, SIMD vector math, memory alignment, anti-aliasing (AA)

Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ - by Bjarne Stroustrup (Inventor of C++)
Price: AU$79
Length: 1312pgs

Explains fundamental concepts of C++ - Object Oriented Programming (OOP), general programming. Introduces standard C++11 library and C++11 and C++14 features to simplify programming tasks.

My NOOBs opinion!

Greetings Icaraeus!

I dont know any of the books you talk about, but the ones I have read turn out to be too subjective and obscure “generally speaking”!..

Manual books are too simplistic but objective (abstract)! If you can find a Book that explains how to use “in detail” what comes in the manuals in a simple and objective way “step by step” “DO TELL US”! :slight_smile: