Thoughts on remembering paid currency values across multiply devices.

Many games offer In-App purchases, most of which are consumable. That being said, has anyone thought of a way to carry consumable purchases over between devices?

For example: If player buys 3 biscuits and eats 2 on their Nexus 5, then they want to play on their galaxy Tab they should have 1 biscuit upon installing the game.

One way I considered doing it is by having a limit of how many consumables they can have, let’s say 100 for simplicity sake. Then you could post to a hidden achievement the percentage of max value of consumables they have. So if the player had 5 consumables 5 divided by 100 is 0.05. You would post the achievement progress as 0.05. Then to get the value on other devices you would just cache achievements, then multiply 100 by 0.05 (achievement result).

That’s a pretty dirty way to do but it SHOULD work. Is there another or better way?

The correct way, for doing what you want with that, would be by making use of the User Cloud interface from the Online Subsystem, but there’s little documentation on the topic.

Is this option exposed to blueprints? I can’t find any documentation (as you mentioned) or talk about this being in blueprints.