Thoughts of a game - A thug styled MP FPS

I want to make a Thug life styled MP FPS. The reason is part satire, part parody, part “I’m black.”
Most military shooters have you in a role of a soldier who is considered a good guy, shooting other soldier considered bad guys.
Where, in reality, no one is truly good or evil in war, and most just want to go home.
I’m using the Generic FPS sample package to get things started.

I want to know would you play it?

I think if done well that would be a brilliant critique of the “thug life” culture which is a globalist-sponsored pipeline to ensure young black men go from birth to prison.

Kingpin: Life of Crime meets Chi-Raq:slight_smile:

Mages in the Hood: A Urban + Fantasy world in which Gangster Wizards wear P.i.m.p outfits, use gang signs to casts Spells, and DraGuns are mechanical beast that transform into Gats.

Wow. That’s like a quadruple-entrende (well, at least a double-entrende). Well done.